Think Less

Think Less


Think Less

AVM Hawkins

Abstracto; 2019


One of Two Paintings: Think Less & No Safety (Net)

20 x 20.5 inches

Acrylic, Color Pencils & Oil Pastels on Canvas

Price: $350.00. Price for Both: Think Less & No Safety Net $575.00.

***To acquire both paintings for $575.00, must email AVM at

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  3. Artist Statement by AVM Hawkins for "Think Less,"

  4. Exclusive Collector Photos of "Think Less."

For art inquiries, additional information or photographs, contact AVM at or 713-487-9685.

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 Abstract Art Series 2019

AVM Hawkins


Abstracto, is a collection of work, created with a spontaneous passion and with courageous inhibition, by AVM Hawkins. Abstracto was not designed to be a series. In fact, Abstracto was never conceptualized. Originally, AVM intended to create additional works of art inspired by her native city, New Orleans; however, as she began painting, New Orleans was no where in plain sight. What AVM did create however, was something emerging deep from within, with unapologetic, visceral undertones. AVM was expressing her fears, her desires, her culture and creative influences and inspiration, her lessons learned and those she’s in the process of learning. AVM expressed herself—as only she could. Not with merely with words, but with color, movement, and energy. The work displays AVM’s vulnerability as she enters into exciting, yet unchartered and unfamiliar territories of pursuing her art full-time. 

“I began creating abstract art while I was in law school. Law has always been my safety net to create with purity and freedom, because technically I was not an artist by trade. I did not go to school for art. I went to school for law. I found this to be extraordinarily liberating, because art was the one place where it did not matter what anyone, including myself, thought. I could create freely, without being concerned with whether the work was “good or bad.”

 There was a freedom and a sense of safety, where if someone did not like my work, it did not matter, in a way because I was not “all in.” Now, I have taken more steps forward in embracing my authentic and true identity as an artist, where I am no longer able to hide behind the identity of being an attorney. Now, I admit to myself that I do care what people think of my work, and I want my work to be well received. I find that I am balancing the natural need and desire to be loved by others, while growing more and more confident in just being, me. I am learning more to trust myself and the process, while remaining true to who I am during the moment of creation. I feel very proud to see that I have achieved that balance with ‘Abstracto.’”- AVM Hawkins

 AVM explores concepts of mastering fear, overcoming the challenges of a competitive art market, channeling AVM’s original inspirations to create art and pursue a life as an artist, while providing a commentary of her own creative process. Abstracto series captures the emotional journey of an artist while exuding positive messages and meanings that is widely relatable and admirable. Abstracto reminds us all of what is possible when we choose to operate life from a place of faith and authenticity.