Escapist Graduation series

AVM is very honored to have participated in the prestigious John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Mentorship Program in 2018. The Escapist Mentorship Program is a nine-month, artist / business mentorship program consisting of free artist studios and gallery space, along with one-on-one business coaching from 20 year, full-time artist, John Ross Palmer and gallery owner, Ryan Lindsay.

This program has produced some of AVM’s top favorite artists in Houston, Texas, who continue to inspire her, along with artist John Ross Palmer as she continues forging her career as a full-time artist. AVM is very grateful to have received the highly coveted Escapist of the Year Award. AVM’s final graduation from the program, was a group show with three other Escapist Artists, debuting her works at the Art Launch’s Annual Gala, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

The following works of art featured in the show currently available are: “Laughter,” “Kismet,” “Empower Others,” Weightless,” “Ancestors,”and “Femme.



“Kismet” is AVM’s free spirited exploration into her inner world through experimentation with oil, oil pastels, along with acrylic paint. AVM allowed herself to ‘let go’ boldly and unapologetically in divine synchronicity.



“Weightless” is free flowing, forward moving painting containing the energy of feeling light and uninhibited. “Weightless” is filled with bright pink hues and deep magenta uplifting wings with the ability to rise and soar.



“Femme” is a sister painting to “Kismet.” It was named by AVM’s husband, Mark, who saw several female faces within the painting. “Femme” is mystical and mysterious all while exuding a playful, exuberance.