Brand New Works on Canvas/Canvas panel

AVM loves to create works in series exhibitions, unveiling them strategically to her collectors and the public. However, during the creation of and in between exhibitions, AVM is constantly creating works of art inspired organically and naturally as she pursues her path as an artist. These works are AVM’s most recently created, original works of art on canvas or canvas panel, unassociated with a particular series. They are posted immediately when they become available.



A 48 x 36 inch, Collaboration between AVM Hawkins & Alfredo Ott consisting of Acrylic, Oil, Pencils, Oil Pastels & Mixed Media on Canvas.

Unveiling the Inner Deity.jpg

Unveiling the Inner Deity

An Original, Large Scale, 57 x 54.5 inch, Acrylic on Canvas, frame built and hand stretched by Artist AVM Hawkins, inspired by the Hindu God, Ganesha~ The Remover of Spiritual Obstacles.


Tranquil Dragon

Two 8 x 8 inch canvas panels, consisting of Acrylic, Pen, and Oil.



9 x 7 inches on Canvas Panel consisting of Acrylic & Mixed Media.

Facial Expression

Facial Expression

An Original 12 x 9 inch painting, on canvas panel; created with Acrylic Paint and Sharpie Marker.