“Endymion” by AVM Hawkins 2018, 46 x 53 inches, Acrylic, Sharpie Marker on Canvas.

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"Endymion" is an original work created specifically for AVM's Love Life Solo Art Exhibition : June 29th - July 20th, 2018. Love Life was a series of 27 original works of abstract art created to signify and embody the essence of the City of New Orleans. AVM was born a New Orleans native who has navigated to Houston, Texas by way of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans has never been expressed in abstract form, until now.

"Endymion" encompasses three significant AVM styles discovered throughout her years as an artist: 1. Paint Drip, 2. Mosaic, and 3. Fluid Brush Strokes. "Endymion" represents AVM's progression as an abstract artist, from where she first began, Paint Drip, then to expounding on use of color through mosaic concepts, to finally, a loose, free form, unlimited discovery into abstraction and color. 

"Endymion" was named after AVM's favorite Mardi Gras Parade which passes near her father's home in Mid-City New Orleans. Every year, AVM's dad would throw a party to host the parade for our family and friends. It is an unspoken rule, that if your home is located on a parade route, you must throw a party. "Endymion," through its colors, vibrancy, and epic display of the iconic symbol for New Orleans / Louisiana--the Fleur-dis-lis, embodies the Celebration of Life through the joy of sharing the fun of Mardi Gras with the ones you love.

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Art Inquiries: Contact: AVM Hawkins at avm.vignaud@gmail.com.