High Yellow (Original)

High Yellow (Original)


"High Yellow" by AVM Hawkins; 27 x 37 inches, Acrylic & Sharpie Marker on Canvas.

The purchaser of “High Yellow” shall receive an Official AVM Hawkins Collector’s Packet consisting of:

The purchase of "High Yellow" comes with an Official AVM Collector’s Packet consisting of: 

  1. Certificate of Authenticity 

  2. Certificate of Retail Value

  3. Artist Statement on "High Yellow"

  4. Exclusive Process Photos of "High Yellow"

  5. AVM Hawkins Artist Biography

Shipping: Standard $25.00 shipping fee per painting. Ships within 4 business days only to addresses located within the United States.

Returns: Items returned within 30 days will receive an art or merchandise credit with AVM Hawkins.

Art Inquiries at avmhawkinsart@gmail.com.  

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"High Yellow" is an intriguing image of a male face created with the use of yellow & black acrylic paint and black sharpie marker. With shades of white, being naturally transformed into colors of gray. Even with the simplicity of the color scale, "High Yellow," conveys such depth and complexity of the man within the painting. "High Yellow's" eyes are captivating, pulling one into the sea of his soul.