Lost In Nola (Original)

Lost In Nola (Original)


“Lost In Nola” by AVM Hawkins, 2018; Love Life Solo Art Exhibition; Acrylic on Canvas, 26 x 15 inches; Frame Hand-made, Built & Stretched by AVM Hawkins $350.00.

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  5. AVM Hawkins Artist Biography

  6. Artist Statement on Love Life Art Exhibition

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LOVE LIFE Art Exhibition is AVM Hawkins’ tribute to her favorite city in the entire Universe through Abstract Art. New Orleans has never been expressed through abstraction—through formless movement, emotion, color, and feeling created through the subconscious. Through Love Life, AVM wanted to provide a real emotional sentiment, visually of this vibrant, cultured city from someone who truly knows, “What It Means to Miss New Orleans.” This essence, to LOVE LIFE is transferred, expressed and abundantly radiates through and from AVM’s art.  Through LOVE LIFE art exhibition, AVM strives to capture the joy, musicality, artistry, vibrancy, and energy of New Orleans through color, movement, visceral, emotional, and authentic, extemporaneous self-expression. LOVE LIFE is an artistic manifestation of AVM’s personal connection to New Orleans as a born and raised New Orleanian, a proud Houstonian, an Artist, and a fellow Lover of Life.