Valor (Original)

Valor (Original)


“Valor” by AVM Hawkins, 2018; Acrylic & Sharpie Marker on Canvas, 26 1/2 x 20 1/2 inches; Hand-made, Built & Stretched by AVM Hawkins $500.00.

The purchase of "Valor" comes with an Official AVM Collector’s Packet consisting of: 

  1. Certificate of Authenticity 

  2. Certificate of Retail Value

  3. Artist Statement on "Valor"

  4. Exclusive Artist Photos of "Valor"

  5. AVM Hawkins Artist Biography

Shipping: Standard $25.00 shipping fee per painting. Ships within 4 business days only to addresses located within the United States.

Returns: Items returned within 30 days will receive an art or merchandise credit with AVM Hawkins Art.

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"Valor" is a pure & vibrant abstract work of art filled with intense movement and emotion. Valor was created from within and is intended to exude strength,persistance, and valor.