6 Helpful Ways to Enjoy Each Moment of Your Life

Life is lived moment by moment. In each moment, we make decisions. Ultimately, we are in control of what we choose to focus on, what we choose to add energy to, and how we choose to think and act. In spite of the many things we cannot control in life, we are still in control of ourselves.  We are in control of our thoughts, our words, our actions, our decisions, and our personal energy.  We can make it our intention to enjoy as many moments of our life as possible.  Each moment is an opportunity to take a step toward gratitude, love, and joy.  We can take this step because we are in control of what we choose to do with our life's energy.

It is not easy, but it is a path worthy to pursue.

 Equanimity by AVM Hawkins, 2017, Canvas, Acrylic, Mixed Media.

Equanimity by AVM Hawkins, 2017, Canvas, Acrylic, Mixed Media.

Six Ways to think about enjoying Each Moment of Your Life are:

  1. Take Ownership of Your Life
  2. Life Is Not Guaranteed
  3. Get Out of Your Head
  4. Live Life Free From Fear
  5. Do What You Love
  6. You Were Born Free

Take Ownership Of Your Life

  • You create your life with every thought you think, every action you take, and every decision you make.
  • You have the power to envision, create, and manifest anything you can imagine.
  • Create a clear defined vision of what you want and give all of your heart, mind, body, and soul to bring it into existence.

Life Is Not Guaranteed

  • Always remember, Your Life and the Life of the people you love, are NOT guaranteed from moment to moment.
  • Live your life now, without any regrets. Be grateful for each moment of your life. Enjoy and express gratitude for each present moment you are blessed to have.
  • Live each moment to the fullest.

Get Out of Your Head

  • Stop wasting precious time thinking, judging, and analyzing everything. It is only trapping you inside of your head, opposed to allowing you to live each moment, here, in your body.
  • If you are stuck thinking, imagining, day dreaming, judging, critiquing, or analyzing, you are not enjoying your life. Life is passing you by.

Live Life Free From Fear

  • You must decide not to worry about the worse that could happen. Know, that if the worse does happen, you will deal with it. You will figure out the solution.
  • Trust yourself. Know that if you are present, aware, and fearless, you can achieve anything.
  • Always operate, as much as you can, from the place of your infinite spirit.

Do What You Love

  • Every day identify each and everything you are looking forward to doing each day.
  • Take time to do the things you love. 
  • Ensure that you do you at least one thing, each day that you truly love to do.
  • Spend time, everything, fully present with the people you love the most.

You Were Born Free

  • Love your life and live your life.
  • You were born free. And you were created to live your life free to follow your deepest desires.


Copyright 2015 Ashley Vignaud Marshall