Enjoy Each Moment of Your Life

Enjoy Each Moment of Your Life, is about setting the intention to maximize as many moments of peace and gratitude each day we are alive.  

It is not about being perfect, or achieving perfection.  It is not about being happy all the time.

It is about making a conscious effort to enjoy as many moments of your life as possible.

Life is not guaranteed.

At any moment in time, our life, as we know it, can change completely.  

It is important to remember that we are more than just our work schedules, our itinerary, our daily habits and routines. We are more than our bank account and our material possessions.  We are more than our dreams, dreamt in our heads.  We are living breathing human beings, exuding light and energy within us!  We are alive now.  And so many times, we, unknowingly, miss out on the priceless, important, happy and joyful moments of our lives, because we fail to be present with our environment and the people around us.

Enjoy Each Moment of Your Life is making a conscious choice to decide to make an effort to enjoy as many moments as possible.

You will not achieve perfection.  You will not enjoy every single moments of your life, as you are not supposed to.  But, you can learn the lessons through your hardships and transform them into gifts.  You can live with a consistent sense of gratitude for your life and for all the good memories you have achieved thus far.  

The mere attempt to make this effort, will dramatically impact the way you live your life.  It is a worthy goal to pursue and one I believe, you will not regret.

Copyright 2015 -2017 Ashley Vignaud Marshall


A.V.M. Hawkins