Jardin (Garden)

Jardin (Garden)

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AVM Hawkins; Ourense Spain 2019


14 x 11 inches

Acrylic & Gouache on Paper

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Ourense, Spain 2019

International Art Series

AVM Hawkins


Ourense, Spain 2019 is AVM’s first ever International Art Series as a professional artist. Ourense is a city located in Northern Spain within the Spanish region of Galicia. It is known to be a rest stop for travelers on the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. This international travel, was AVM’s first time, packing various art supplies, including watercolor, acrylic, and gouache paint, along with pencils and charcoal, to create as many works on paper during her two-week exploration of Northern Spain. While in Ourense, AVM created a total of twenty-nine, 14 x 11 inch works on paper during her stay there, and transported these finished works back to the United States. In additional to these works on paper, AVM came home to work on a minimum of 11 brand new works of art on canvas inspired by this trip to be debuted in her private residence and show space to a select group of collectors and friends.

This particular trip to Spain is very significant for AVM. During the summer of 2010, AVM completed her first year in law school, and signed up for a summer study abroad program to take three international law classes. Secretly, AVM wondered of whether this excursion would trigger an irreparable, existential crisis, resulting in her quitting law school. Luckily, Spain was a place that inspired AVM to accept herself fully, no longer forcing herself to choose between art and law, but to embrace both. During the Ourense trip however, AVM was able to visit Spain, 100% as an artist, (who also just happens to practice law) creating new works, and taking in all of the beauty and splendor that is available at any given moment. 

Art and beauty is everywhere, abundant and ready to be received. AVM’s decision to pursue her career as an artist, is more so, a commitment to give every effort to take in the beauty of everyday life, people, places, and things, use it as inspiration, to express herself as authentically and purely as possible. 

In this way, everyone is an artist, and at any moment, we too can seek to find the simple things in life, that inspire us to live and give at our purest and fullest potential, no matter where we are. Ourense 2019 represents that spiritual journey of the inner artist, within us all.