The Abstract Show at Hardy / Nance

AVM recaps her awe, inspiration and honor to have her works, “Love Your Life,” and “The Artist Formally Known As AVM” to be selected by Hardy & Nance’s curated Abstract Show, Saturday September 21st, 2019. AVM writes about her second experience at Hardy & Nance Studios, and her enjoyment of the show.

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A.V.M. Hawkins
Energy of Humanity: An AVM Collaboration with the University of Houston's Graduate College of Social Work

In March 2019, Artist AVM Hawkins was honored to specially create and donate a 31.5 x 30 inch original work of fine art to the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work. “Energy of Humanity” was successfully raffled to raise over $15,000 to fund scholarships for their graduate students, who commit themselves to pursue a life of service to others. In celebration of UH GCSW’s Celebration of 50 years, AVM produced a one-time only, limited edition, of 50 signed prints, for $50 each, where 50% of the proceeds is donated to the Graduate College of Social Work.

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