The Path Travelled

One night, a little over five years ago, I had a dream that I was running on a scenic path.  This path was filled with sunlight and people running along it.  The path was paved and clear.  It was easy terrain for even the most inexperienced trailblazer.   As I was jogging along, I drew closer to a set of stairs.  

The stairs were sturdy and beautifully constructed.  It contained a railing for support.  Every person running on this path soared up the stairs with ease and vigor.  As it became my turn to ascend, it was like I hit an invisible brick wall.  My right footwear struck paralyzed on the first step, unable to move any further.  I embraced the metal railing, exerting every ounce of my upper body strength to pull me up, still to no avail. Conceptually, I knew, there was no logical reason why I could not climb these stairs, but something, some force, some physical and internal impulse within the core of my being refused to allow me to go any step further on this path.

Everyone was passing me up. Everyone was moving ahead in their lives, while I remain stagnant.  

These few minutes of stagnation in this dream, felt like an eternity.  And then finally, eventually, I surrendered.

I gave up my plight and decided to turn around.

I began running against the traffic of the other runners.  The runners looked at me bewildered and also somewhat agitated.  After several strides of running "backwards" I saw to my right, a bridge that crossed over towards another path.  This other path, was an alternative parallel path. Without a second thought, I ran across the bridge.  

Upon reaching the other side, I surveyed my newly selected route.  It was a darker, shadier path, covered with high assorted trees and unattended greenery. The ground was rocky, unpaved and filled with dirt, mud and gravel.  The light from the sun was hidden, barely breaking through from above.  However, there was a light at the end of the path.

I then decided to run up the path, despite it appearing like the most difficult path I could possibly choose to take.  But astonishingly, I soared with tremendous speed and ease.  Each stride felt like a light, floating leap towards my destiny.  I was soaring towards the light. It felt as if this path was designed and created specifically for me.  This path, may have been difficult for others, but it was easy for me.  And inversely, the path that seemed easier for others, was completely impossible for me.

I wrote the dream down, so I would not forget it.  I knew it was symbolic.  I knew exactly what it meant to me and how it applied to my life.  

The path I was on, was not the path I was meant to charter.  

And at some point, I will reach a point, where I just can no longer follow a path that is inconsistent with Who I Am. The path I am destined to travel, is not a path chartered by most. It is path, specifically meant for me. And I cannot be afraid, to stop, turn around, and cross over to the other side. 

The Path Travelled   by AVM Hawkins; 2017, 30 x 40 inches, Canvas, Acrylic.    

The Path Travelled by AVM Hawkins; 2017, 30 x 40 inches, Canvas, Acrylic.