"Him" Artist Statement

“Him”   7.5” x 7” inches  Acrylic & Pilot Pen on Canvas  In  the private collection of Jan Rumsey.


7.5” x 7” inches

Acrylic & Pilot Pen on Canvas

In the private collection of Jan Rumsey.

Him is an original painting on canvas. I personally built the wooden frame and hand-stretched the painting onto the frame. Him is from my Tattoo Artistry Series, where I draw a black tattoo design, free-hand, using a black Pilot Pen. This style of drawing began when I was a child in elementary school.

I always dreamt of having lots of tattoos as a kid. When I was bored in class, I would draw "tattoos" on my skin with a pen, (my mom would always fuss at me when I did this) and this design would always appear in my tattoo drawings. This style resurfaces naturally as I create, bringing a nostalgic memory of my first introduction to creating art. I am comforted to see it resurface in my paintings, embodying my original spirit as a child that has never left me.  It serves as an anchor to my humble beginnings and adds an interesting element of detail and patience to my canvas paintings. 

            In Him, I painted the canvas first using a paint-drip method, where I would add acrylic paint into recycled water bottles with some water. I would shake up the bottle of paint and water to allow the paint to dilute. Then I would pour the acrylic paint onto the canvas, adjusting the canvas several times until the canvas is completely covered. This style was my very first introduction to painting abstract art, discovered through happenstance and experimentation.  After the paint dried, I would then come back and draw on the canvas, free-hand, with a black, small tip, Pilot Pen, using the same concentration and focus as if I was a tattoo artist. The black tattoo design would evolve as I would draw. As I drew, I began drawing eyes and a face, and thought it would be so cool, to draw a face with the black tattoo design. Him is the only painting thus far, created with the incorporation of a face and the tattoo design.  I am very proud of him and am very happy he found a great home. 

A.V.M. Hawkins