"Love Life" Artist Statement

“Love Life” in the private collection of Emma Fisher.

“Love Life” in the private collection of Emma Fisher.

Love Life is the signature painting to represent my Love Life solo art exhibition as an Escapist Artist of John Ross Palmer's Escapism Program. Love Life solo show was intended to be an abstract representation and embodiment of the feeling and energy I feel for the City and Culture of New Orleans. I wanted to create abstract paintings that conveyed instantly, the energy of musicality, joy, an overall "Love for Life" and the little things that make us happy.

LOVE LIFE Art Exhibition is my tribute to my favorite city in the entire Universe through Abstract Art. New Orleans has never been expressed through abstraction—through formless movement, emotion, color, and feeling created through the subconscious. New Orleans in the past has always been seen through the literal lens of iconic symbols and noted recognizable images of the city’s historic landmarks, musicians and architecture.  Although these images are an important attempt to capture the memory of a New Orleans visit, I wanted to provide a real emotional sentiment, visually of this vibrant, cultured city from someone who truly knows, “What It Means to Miss New Orleans.”I carry an immense love for this beloved city, every day through my essence and my DNA. This essence, to LOVE LIFE is transferred, expressed and abundantly radiates through and from my art.  Through LOVE LIFE art exhibition, I strive to capture the joy, musicality, artistry, vibrancy, and energy of New Orleans through color, movement, visceral, emotional, and authentic, extemporaneous self-expression. LOVE LIFE is an artistic manifestation of my personal connection to New Orleans as a born and raised New Orleanian, a proud Houstonian, an Artist, and a fellow Lover of Life.  New Orleans is a vibrant City, filled with positive energy with a focus on love for the simple things in life: food, family, friends, music, drinks, and festivals. These things do not cost a lot in New Orleans. The city and its people are rich in Spirit, and are filled with Life. 

New Orleans is typically associated with Mardi Gras, colors of Purple, Green, and Gold. But when pulling photographs online to be used as references and inspiration for the show, I saw the use of very bright colors of orange and blues, yellows, reds, greens, purples and gold. Love Life was chosen to be the premier painting for Love Life Solo Exhibition because it was the one piece that fully embodied the exact energy I was striving to capture in the paintings for the show. Love Life fully represents the intention and energy of the show through the versatility of color, energy and movement. There is a conglomerate of a variety of different colors ranging from every end of the spectrum. Love Life represents the gumbo mixture of every color, sex, religion and creed all unified into one incredibly beautiful vision. There is total cohesion and connectedness of all these elements creating a new culture of its own. I love the strong colors of red - symbolizing love and passion for others and life, and gold representing a deep richness of spirit. 

            It is my intention that Love Life fills the room and the viewer with energy, zest and a genuine excitement for their life and their future endeavors. I hope Love Life always reminds the viewer of how important and special the little things are, which truly make us happy: family, libations, music, art, loved ones, laughter and enjoying every second of our lives as possible.