Your Dreams Are Within Your Reach

In January 2018, I completed my first original work of art for the New Year! And ironically, it is called, "Within Your Reach."  On the back of the canvas, I wrote a message. It says, "Your Dreams Are Within Your Reach."

By the grace of God, the Universe, Divinity, my Ancestors, Love and Luck, I have been selected as a fellow escapist, for Art Launch's Escapist Program for 2018, whose mission is to "forever shatter the stereotype of the starving artist."  This program provides an incredible training ground for art creation, one-on-one business coaching and a life-long mentorship.  I cannot help but feel blessed and deeply humbled to have the opportunity to participate in this extremely generous, inspiring, and empowering program.

In such a short time, I see how my personal limited belief, that I could not make a living, doing what I feel called to do, has been completely shattered.  And all I can think of now, is how can I use every moment, every idea, and give every effort to use this incredible opportunity to launch me towards my deepest and greatest dream. (I see why the organization is called: ArtLaunch). :)  I cannot tell you how much hope this experience has given me. (And, I haven't started yet!)  I see, by the success of John Ross Palmer's Art and the Escapists whom have participated and completed this program, there is no excuse why I cannot be successful.  This in itself, has given me so much light, and in turn, fuels me to boldly share my art. 

I believe truly, for everyone, "Your Dreams Are Within Your Reach."  And I am so very grateful for the John Ross Palmer Art / Art Launch 's Escapists Program, because I know for certain, my dreams really are Within My Reach.


Within Your Reach by AVM Hawkins, Acrylic (and Acrylic Markers) on Canvas, 24 x 36 inches, 2018. Retail Price: $600.00

This Escapist Year is a very special year.  This is the first time, where the Class encompasses entirely female artists! This is so symbolic, especially where this is a time where women are speaking out boldly and bravely like never before. I am so very excited to work with such talented artists and to become a part of the Escapist Family.  There are truly no limits.  And anyone can do anything they place their heart, mind, and will to achieving.

I cannot end this blog post, without at least referencing the hundreds of people, whom I've crossed paths with in my life, who have showed me words and actions of encouragement for my art. There were several people who have seen my desire and talent early on, and people who have supported me with love, positive affirmations, and by purchasing my art.  I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for you and how I do not take your support lightly. Your words and actions, in the past, are still very present with me now.  I take your love and energy with me. And have been reminded constantly by your continued love and support. Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I vow to try to continue to be the light that we want to see in the world and to shine that light through my work. 

I am very excited to see the art that stems from working at the artist studio and gallery, The Chrysalis, and being around the creative energy of John Ross Palmer and my fellow Escapists Artists! I am beyond honored and grateful, but most importantly, ready to hit the pavement and get to work.  Here's to a great year!