"In the Clouds" Artist Statement

“In the Clouds” in the private collection of Glenn & Heather Williams.

“In the Clouds” in the private collection of Glenn & Heather Williams.

In the Clouds is an original painting on canvas. I personally built the wooden frame and hand-stretched the painting onto the frame. In the Clouds was debuted at my Graduation Group show at Art Launch's Annual Gala while participating in John Ross Palmer's Escapist Mentorship Program 2018. In the Clouds was featured in the Escapist Graduation Catalogue. 

            When creating In the Clouds, I experimented with oil paint and oil pastels for the first time. Painting with oil pastels was very liberating. It was freeing to move about and draw out each stroke and shape with movement and emotion. The pastels reminded me of my childhood, drawing on the sidewalk with street chalk. I love the variety of the pastel colors, utilizing nearly ever color in the spectrum. When I step back and look at In the Clouds, I cannot help but see a beautiful moving sky during sunset.  It seems like rays of light shining through in various areas within the painting, very similar to a sun rising or setting. I love how each color intertwines with each other, weaving an intricate skyline of neon bright colors mixed with cool dark blues. In the Clouds bestow a sentiment of balance and calmness, all with a punch of the natural beauty of nature. I chose the colors so that it would convey a sense of beauty to a wall, to a space, and to a life.

            It is my intention that In the Clouds, brightens up one's room and one's life, with its whirlwind of color, emotion, and robust movement. I had so much fun creating In the Clouds. I finished In the Clouds fairly quickly despite its great size. It took me approximately 3 hours to finish. Painting In the Clouds felt natural like breathing. Like air, I hope it brings life to the viewer and to all who encounters her. 

A.V.M. Hawkins