"In Spirit" Artist Statement

“In Spirit”  In the private collection of Richard & Joan Jennings.

“In Spirit”

In the private collection of Richard & Joan Jennings.

In Spirit is an original painting on canvas debuted at my graduation group show from John Ross Palmer's Escapist Mentorship Program 2018. I am very proud to say, that I've built the wooden frame and stretched the painting onto the frame with my own hands. 

In Spirit is from my first "real" open studio, where I invited people over to the Chrysalis, to hang out, witness, and contribute to the artistic process. Everything is energy. And for people to be present during the creative process, contributes to the energy that ultimately goes into the work of art. In Spirit was pre-measured, cut, and tacked to the wall of my studio, along with several other canvases. 

            In Spirit consists of Acrylic and Oil paint, along with oil pastels. I used Acrylic paint pens to enable me to draw quickly and instantly without thinking too much. It also makes writing words onto the painting instinctive. The words, "Hope," and "In Spirit" found its way onto the canvas. I have heard from somewhere, that "Inspired," when broken down some kind of way, means, "in spirit." I am not very sure how true this is, but I've always believed it. I have been told by someone that my work has so much "spirit." This was from someone, who has never seen my work in person, but from a photograph shown to him by my husband on his phone.  It touched me deeply for him to use those words to describe my work, because it is always my intention when creating, to connect with myself, with divinity, and with my center. To have someone who does not know me very well, instantly receive this sentiment, spoke mountains to me.  

When painting, I always attempt to connect with the love and goodness inside of me, opposed to the very fearful, insecure, scared parts of myself. Everyday life is a struggle to tap more and more into my most kindest and courageous parts of my personality, and less and less into my cynical, doubtful parts of my psyche. Art is my hope, and my continual active prayer to pursue my best, highest self. And, it is my intention that this same inspiration I receive every time I create, is given without end, to each person who comes across my art.     

A.V.M. Hawkins