"Equanimity" Artist Statement

“Equanimity”  In the private collection of Buddy & Rose Mary Vignaud.


In the private collection of Buddy & Rose Mary Vignaud.

Equanimity is an original painting created on canvas. I personally built the wooden frame and hand-stretched the painting onto the frame. Equanimity is from my Tattoo Artistry Series, where I draw the black tattoo design, free-hand, using a black Pilot Pen. This style of drawing began when I was a child in elementary school. I always dreamt of having lots of tattoos as a kid. When I was bored in class, I would draw "tattoos" on my skin with a pen, and this design would always appear in my tattoo drawings. This style resurfaces naturally as I create, bringing a nostalgic memory of my first introduction to creating art. I am comforted to see it resurface in my paintings, embodying my original spirit as a child that has never left me.  It serves as an anchor to my humble beginnings and adds an interesting element of detail and patience to my canvas paintings. 

            The word, "Equanimity" is defined by Merriam-Webster as, " evenness of mind especially under stress; right disposition; balance." I named this work of art, Equanimity because it reminded me the notion of equality, tranquility, and inner peace.  The two black, identical brush strokes in the middle of the painting represents balance while the inherent cool blues connote tranquility.

I traditionally in the past would paint with many cool blue hues. This was my "go to" colors and theme. I think this is because, I always seem to seek peace and clarity in my life. I am always searching for balance and an "evenness of mind." I believe in many ways, I paint, that which I seek to manifest within and more of in my life--whether that be tranquility, calmness, self-acceptance and/or peace. There is mixed media attached to the piece to provide texture and depth to the Equanimity. 

I first painted the canvas with acrylic paint. After the paint dried, I then went back and drew on the painting with a black fine tip, Pilot Pen. The tattoo design drawing took about an hour and half, and was completely drawn without thought, idea, or formulated concept. I allow myself to just "be" when I create. In this space is where I experience the most happiness, the most sense of purpose, and the greatest sense of inner peace. It is my intention, that Equanimity conveys a feeling of peace and tranquility to the viewer and the space it occupies.   

A.V.M. Hawkins