"Orchestra" Artist Statement

“Orchestra”   In the private collection of Bobby & Elizabeth Poirrier.


In the private collection of Bobby & Elizabeth Poirrier.

Orchestra is an original painting on canvas debuted at my graduation group show from John Ross Palmer's Escapist Mentorship Program 2018. I am very proud to say, that I've built the wooden frame and stretched the painting onto the frame with my own hands. An interesting note: when measuring and sawing the wood to build the wooden frames, to identify the correct pieces of wood, I would write, either the actual name of the work of Art or a word that I would identify with the piece. On the wood seen behind the canvas, is the word "Symphony." 

Orchestra was painted during my first "real" open studio, where I invited people over to the Chrysalis studio, to hang out, witness, and contribute to the artistic process. Everything is energy. And for people to be present during the creative process, contributes to the energy that ultimately goes into the work of art. Orchestra was pre-measured, cut, and tacked to the wall of my studio, along with several other canvases. Orchestra consists of Acrylic, Oil paint, oil pastels, and an official AVM Seal. I thought it would be very special to include my official seal created during the Escapist Program, to be a signature feature in my some of my work to be debuted at my Escapist Graduation.  Orchestra is one of my top favorite paintings from my graduation group show. I adore its particular abstraction and favorited its array of colors. It's one of my top favorite abstractions because of the thick application of paint. All its unique brush strokes reminds me of one of my most favorite artists of all time, Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

Orchestra is beautiful and unhinged. I throughly enjoyed experimenting with the oil paint and oil pastels. I was inspired to name this painting, "Orchestra," because after finishing the painting, I felt the vibe and energy of music. Similar to Bebop Jazz, the colors are chaotic and cohesive, while connoting a majestic symphony. Orchestra reminds me of how beautiful and powerful the sounds are from an orchestra, the distinguished dignity of the conductor and the musicians, all while the conductor wilds out passionately with his (or her) physical movements and gestures as he physically serves as a conduit of musical expression. This energy is what I felt from Orchestra-- powerful, chaotic, and beautifully soothing at the same time. I love paradoxes such as this, and I just absolutely love Orchestra.

A.V.M. Hawkins