"In Awe" Artist Statement

“In Awe”  In the private collection of Laurie Vignaud.

“In Awe”

In the private collection of Laurie Vignaud.

In Awe was the third painting completed in February 2018 while during John Ross Palmer's Escapism Art Mentorship ProgramIn Awe is an obvious shift in my use of color and style.  I naturally gravitate to cool colors such as blues, whites, and greens. When I do choose to use colors, I typically create with an unique incorporation of all colors of the color spectrum. Whereas here, In Awe has a dominate presence of red, symbolizing courage, discipline and resilience. It evidences a quick growth and commitment to my work as an artist. I am exploring new territories with my Art and within myself. I am pushing past my previous limitations and self imposed barriers and seeking new levels, new heights, and new horizons. 

           In Awe was created with the use of generous color painted with a small brush strokes to ensure the red hues ensure thickness and depth onto the canvas. I believe the red in In Awe embodies a strength, an inner power, and passion for one's life, work and legacy. The title describes the captivating essence of the painting, almost similar to watching the sun rise over the Grand Cannon. 

            It is my intention that In Awe conveys a firm and true sense of fearlessness and self-awareness allowing anyone to reach every and all goals outlined for themselves. It is my intention that it radiates power, beauty, strength and grace to every space and person it comes into contact with. I pray it encourages you to always stand up courageously for justice, truth, happiness and all the desires of your heart.

A.V.M. Hawkins