"Treasure Map" Artist Statement

“Treasure Map”   In the private collection of Houston & Kristen Netherland.

“Treasure Map”

In the private collection of Houston & Kristen Netherland.

Treasure Map is an original painting on canvas. Treasure Map was the first painting I started and completed in my new studio after the John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Mentorship Program 2018. Mark and I just moved into our new place and this was the first painting started and nearly completed in my new private studio. I padded my studio walls with cardboard so that I could paint easily and freely in my studio without fear of messing anything up. I pinned the blank canvas onto the wall.

The first move I made, was picking up a black Acrylic paint pen, and wrote on the blank canvas. I drew the spaced-out, dotted line type arrow as if I was drawing a treasure map. As a kid, this was how I drew a play, pretend treasure map. As I painted further, I was inspired by my favorite book called, "The Alchemist." 

The Alchemist is all about a person pursuing their own Personal Legend and the journey of following their dreams.  This past year during the Escapist Program was the first time, I really dedicated myself to following my dream to be an artist and creative entrepreneur. In the book the Alchemist, there are multiple references to a quote, from the bible, Matthew 7:28, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Treasure Map began to paint itself, naturally and organically. And the rest was history. 

            Treasure Map was transported to my Chrysalis studio for first "real" open studio, where I invited people over to the Chrysalis, to hang out, witness, and contribute to the artistic process. Everything is energy. And for people to be present during the creative process, contributes to the energy that ultimately goes into the work of art. Treasure Map was pre-measured, cut, and tacked to the wall of my studio, along with several other canvases. Treasure Map consists of Acrylic, Oil paint, Acrylic Paint pens, and an envelope with AVM on it, given to me from Aubrey during the Escapist Program. 

            During the open studio, I invited friends and family to contribute to the painting, any word or phrase, or a path of arrows with various colors of the Acrylic Paint pens.  This was the first time I ever invited guests to co-create with me. And Treasure Map turned out to be a very special experience which I believe added a tremendous extra layer of positive energy into the work of art.   

            There is a very special final addition added to Treasure Map, a very brilliant and special request. In the Heart, which is the ultimate purpose and path in Treasure Map, is a reference to two people, who are two treasures in (many) individuals hearts. The words painted within the Heart, are: "Dad" and "Pie." I am very honored to have this beautiful tribute in Treasure Map. Although life is filled with many emotional ups and downs, we are very blessed to be on this journey of life. It is those ups and downs that make us human.  We are pure love. And it is because of love, that makes life worth living, even if sometimes, it makes us feel the opposite.  Just like in Treasure Map, the path of life takes us all over.  We meet several people along the way, who change our lives forever. They teach us lessons, about ourselves and life. They make us stronger, and they contribute to who we are. They live through us always, and us through them. No matter where our paths may lead, all paths lead us back to our center--the heart. And luckily, we never have to travel far, to reach that love, passion, gratitude that resides in our heart. 

            I pray that Treasure Map bestows so much love, inspiration, and healing to all who views her. I hope it blesses the viewer exponentially, to continue to live his or her life to their fullest extent of their Spirit, continuing to give that same love that resides with n themselves to everyone they meet. It is my intention that Treasure Map inspires others to always seek the good, silver lining in everything, to continue their path, their gifts, their Personal Legend. And that they always remember, that their treasure is where their heart is.

A.V.M. Hawkins