"Dancing Machine" Artist Statement

“ Dancing Machine”  In the Private Collection of Maria Williams.

“ Dancing Machine”

In the Private Collection of Maria Williams.

Dancing Machine was created in 2011 while I was in law school.  I began expressing myself through abstraction during my first year in law school. Dancing Machine is a painting created during the time in my life, where I officially began painting. It is reflective of my earlier years where I was expressing myself emotionally through the my art and where I began experimenting with colors, styles and textures. 

 Dancing Machine was the very first painting where I attached texture to canvas.  Dancing Machine contains: Bubble Wrap, Newspaper, and Magazine Paper.  I attached the texture onto the canvas first and then painted the canvas using a paint drip.  I dripped the paint onto the canvas, by using old water bottles mixed with acrylic paint and water.  I also used black ink on the painting.  The painting is created completely with the paint drip technique without the use of brushes. To this date, (May 14, 2018) Dancing Machine is the only black Now, I am inspired to "play" more with creating more using a black and white color scale. 

My favorite aspect of this piece, is the bold use of texture.  It provides a different experience depending on which angle one views the painting. The painting is named, Dancing Machine, because I just happen to see a robot dancing in the painting after I was finished.  I also created a subtle smiling / wink face in the top right corner of the painting on the newspaper.  It is my hope that one sees several things within the painting and that it provides several unique and beautiful experiences to everyone who views it. 

A.V.M. Hawkins