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AVM Hawkins' International Series 2019: Orense, Spain Exhibition

AVM Hawkins’ unveils her first international art series, Saturday February 23rd, 2019, from 7:00pm - 9:00pm to a select guest and collector list. AVM Hawkins’ Orense 2019 documents AVM & Chef Mark Anthony Hawkins’ exploration and interpretation of the Spanish town through a limited series of original artwork on canvas and paper, as well as an official AVM Art Travel Journal.

The city of Orense is located in North Western Spain. It is known for its natural hot springs and for being a pivotal stop on the spiritual pilgrimage of Santiago, i.e. the Way of Saint James. Orense encompasses three eras architectural style: Medieval, 19th Century expansion and Modern.

AVM and her family celebrated the coming of a New Year in a new city, across the Atlantic, viewing the Northern Spanish city with a fresh pair of eyes and a renewed spirit— embracing her path as a painter. Orense 2019 is AVM’s first unveiling of an international art series in her artist career.