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AVM Hawkins
Visual Artist & Lifestyle Designer

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Browse AVM’s available works of art organized by artist series and exhibitions. For inquiries, private viewings, or requests for additional information or photographs, please contact AVM at AVMHawkinsArt@gmail.com.

 Abstracto Art Series

Abstract Art Series is the first art series AVM has created as a full-time artist. AVM expresses herself courageously, producing a body of work that shows her continual evolution and growth as an artist. AVM explores concepts of mastering fear, overcoming the challenges of a competitive art market, channeling AVM’s original inspirations of why she wanted to pursue a life as an artist. This work is brilliantly emotional and masterful entering AVM into a new realm of creativity, encouraging the viewer to live their lives passionately, confidently and authentically.


Abstracto Series

View AVM’s Newest Abstract Art Series, “Abstracto,” depicting AVM’s creative influences and authethic emotional expression as she pursues her art, whole-heartedly.

Brand New works of art

In addition to creating specific Art Series & Exhibitions released throughout the year and new works on paper on a weekly/bi-monthly basis, AVM creates art on canvas as the wave of inspiration hits. View AVM’s most recent new works of art created, that are not associated with an Art Exhibition.


Brand New Works

View AVM’s Latest, Brand New Works Created on Canvas.

AVM Classics

AVM Classics consists of art created through AVM’s budding career as an artist. The art in this collection derive from AVM’s days of painting in her mother’s garage during law school all the way to working in her Chrysalis Studio provided during her tenure in the John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Mentorship Program 2018, where AVM received the prestigious Escapist of the Year Award.


AVM Classics

An original work on canvas from AVM Hawkins’ created in her very early stages of her career. Note, there are extremely, few paintings left that are available for sale.

small originals: Works on Paper

AVM is constantly creating, bringing art supplies and materials with her as she travels, always ready for the gift of inspiration. These are original works of art, perfect for easy acquisition and easy framing.



Works of Art on Paper

Smaller originals on paper and canvas panels, using a wide variety of mediums, to create works perfectly ready for easy framing, ranging from 5 x 7 inches to 18 x 24 inches.

Limited Edition signed Prints

AVM’s primary focus is creating fine, original art on canvas and paper. However, when there is a deeply beloved work of art, that carries great meaning and impact to AVM & her collectors, she produces a series of professionally printed, limited edition, signed and numbered series of artist prints. Browse AVM’s available limited edition prints, numbered and signed by AVM Hawkins. They are anticipated to sell out fast.


Energy of Humanity Limited Edition Prints

In Celebration of University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work 50 Years of Service, AVM produced 50 Limited Edition Prints, of Energy of Humanity, 12 x 13 inches, Signed & Numbered. $50 each, where 50% of the proceeds donated to UH Graduate College of Social Work.

AVM’s first international art series: ourense, Spain 2019

On January 1st, 2019, AVM boarded a plane, along with her husband Mark, to visit family staying in Ourense, Spain, located in the Northwestern region. Ourense is known for as a resting point for pilgrims to stop, rest, and explore during the Pilgrimage of Santiago. Ourense is known for their natural hot springs, and public baths. During the trip, AVM packed art supplies, to create works on paper while venturing the Spanish City and to gain inspiration (and keepsakes) for creating a brand new series of work on canvas upon her arrival to the States. Here are the works of art created by AVM, inspired by the city of Ourense.


AVM’s International Art Series: Ourense, Spain 2019

See AVM’s first International Art Series: Ourense, Spain 2019 limited series: consisting of original paintings on canvas and paper, inspired by her recent voyage to Ourense, Spain.

“At home” Series 2018

AVM’s “At Home” Series is inspired by the idea of creating works of art that can easily and effortlessly make one feel safe and at ease…like when one is “at home.” AVM was inspired to create works of art that convey a feeling of peace and security, spiritually, internally, as well as externally by complimenting one’s home.



An original work on canvas from AVM Hawkins’ “At Home” Series

Mardi gras 2019

Mardi Gras 2019 is a limited series on canvas, inspired by AVM’s trip to Mardi Gras, March 2019, purely embracing her status and perspective as an artist. AVM being from New Orleans, has a very deep connection to the city. She has also experienced Mardi Gras many, many times in her life. This trip is the first time going to Mardi Gras with the intention to convey her experience through her art.

Mardi Gras 2019

This year, AVM set out to explore and celebrate Mardi Gras in her hometown, New Orleans, and create with the unique perspective and newly embraced identity as an Artist.

Love Life Solo Show

On June 29th, 2018, AVM unveiled a cohesive body of work to express the essence and spirit of her home town, New Orleans, LA through abstract art, where AVM captures the feeling and energy of this incredible vibrant, cultured, and creative city.

Lost in Nola.jpeg

“Lost In Nola”

From AVM Hawkins’ “Love Life” Solo Art Exhibition

mosaic series

AVM’s Mosaic Series began as a painting on canvas panels in the 2010, which inspired AVM to create a series of works of different colors on canvas panels and canvas. The larger, the better. The process included drawing the lines beforehand with a sharpie marker, followed by hand-painting each individual space, one-by-one, sporadically to create a memorizing sea of colors. Due to the intricacies, the focused attention and time placed into this series, AVM has halted the creation of this series.

Collective Mosaic Series.jpg

Mosaic Series

View the remaining limited items of AVM’s intricately detailed Mosaic Series of 2015. AVM has discontinued this series.

Escapism series

AVM was selected as a Fellow Escapist Artist in John Ross Palmer’s Escapism Mentorship Program after a grueling juried and interview process. These works encompass AVM’s 2018 collection that was debuted at Art Launch’s Annual Gala 2018 where AVM Hawkins received the prestigious Escapist of the Year Award. AVM is very honored to have participated in John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Mentorship Program for the class of 2018 in Houston, Texas. The Escapist Mentorship Program is a nine-month, Artist / Business Mentorship Program consisting of one-on-one business coaching from a 20 year full-time artist, John Ross Palmer. This program has produced some of AVM’s top favorite artists in Houston. AVM is very grateful to have received the highly coveted Escapist of the Year Award for 2018. These works highlight AVM’s immense growth as an artist within the 2018 year.


14 Limited Escapism Paper Series:

No Thoughts, No. 6

During AVM’s Fellowship in John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Mentorship Program, AVM was challenged to create a series of 12 original works on paper. AVM enthusiastically rose to the occasion, creating a total of 14 works on paper, all representing spiritual and personal messages from AVM.