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AVM Hawkins
Visual Artist & Lifestyle Designer

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Browse AVM’s available works of art organized by artist series and exhibitions. For inquiries, private viewing, additional information or photographs, please contact AVMHawkinsArt@gmail.com.


AVM’s International Art Series: Ourense, Spain 2019

See AVM’s first International Art Series: Ourense, Spain 2019 limited series: consisting of original paintings on canvas and paper, inspired by her recent voyage to Ourense, Spain.



From AVM Hawkins’ “AVM Classics.”

AVM Classics

AVM Classics consists of art created through AVM’s budding career as an artist. The art in this collection derive from AVM’s days of painting in her mother’s garage during law school all the way to working in her Chrysalis Studio provided during her tenure in the John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Mentorship Program 2018, where AVM received the prestigious Escapist of the Year Award.



From AVM Hawkins’ “At Home” Series

“At home” Series 2018

AVM’s “At Home” Series is inspired by the idea of creating works of art that can easily and effortlessly make one feel safe and at ease…like when one is “at home.” AVM was inspired to create works of art that convey a feeling of peace and security, spiritually, internally, as well as externally by complimenting one’s home.


“Empower Others”

From AVM Hawkins’ “Escapist Graduation” Series

Escapist Graduation series

The Escapist Graduation 2018 collection was debuted at Art Launch’s Annual Gala 2018 where AVM Hawkins received the prestigious Escapist of the Year Award. AVM is very honored to have participated in John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Mentorship Program for the class of 2018 in Houston, Texas. The Escapist Mentorship Program is a nine-month, Artist / Business Mentorship Program consisting of one-on-one business coaching from a 20 year full-time artist, John Ross Palmer. This program has produced some of AVM’s top favorite artists in Houston. AVM is very grateful to have received the highly coveted Escapist of the Year Award for 2018. These works highlight AVM’s immense growth as an artist within the 2018 year.

Lost in Nola.jpeg

“Lost In Nola”

From AVM Hawkins’ “Love Life” Solo Art Exhibition

Love Life Solo Show

On June 29th, 2018, AVM unveiled a cohesive body of work to express the essence and spirit of her home town, New Orleans, LA through abstract art, where AVM captures the feeling and energy of this incredible vibrant, cultured, and creative city.